About SummersCaps

Based in Northwest Indiana, SummersCaps began when Stephanie Summers (Owner) began making caps for her husband, Eric Summers (Co-Owner). As he wore the caps, issues such as shrinkage, hat headaches, sizing tweaks, and other problems were identified and perfected. As time went on, some of the unique and brightly patterned caps gained popularity with Eric's fellow Union members, friends, and neighbors. Before long, there were many requests for a website. SummersCaps on Etsy officially launched at the end of December, 2016. In less than 6 months, SummersCaps had over 290 sales and was featured in an article by Handmade Hunt for ranking in at 26,147th out of 1.8 million active Etsy Shops. Prouldly sporting a 5-Star average rating, the shop continues to strive, recieving a staggering amount of orders from both new and repeat customers. To reach even more customers, SummersCaps.com was launched.